On Oct 1st and 2nd the 1st MLG at Camp Pendleton, California hosted their 3rd Annual Ball Gown Give Away and Bells of Freedom was right there beside them. The 1st MLG spouses along with local community supporters collected 1,500 gowns, over 150 pair of shoes, over 100 purses, and numerous articles of jewelry to give away to Camp Pendleton ladies. Many of the gowns and accessories donated were new and from top designers. Not only did our ladies receive a free gown, but they also had the opportunity to have free child care while they shopped. Five seamstresses on site were ready to do minor alterations absolutely free of charge. Also, the first 200 guest to the event received a really nice “thank you” gift of a glass emery board and each and every guest received a $50 gift card to Bellus Academy that could be redeemed for a service of their hair done, make-up done, or nails done for the ball.

“This is such a great an event and it ran so smoothly,” stated Kristen Acevedo, CLB 11 spouse. “This event elevated so much of my stress during this crazy ball season. I am very grateful and appreciative to the FRO’s and the local community that made this wonderful event possible for us all.”

Jenna Jordan, another CLB 11 spouse said, “I just love the set up they have here! It’s like shopping at a boutique and they have such a large variety of gowns to choose from. Having free child care was awesome, so I could shop easily. I can’t wait until next year’s give away.”

One of our CLB 11 spouses, Laci Evans walked away with a complete ensemble for the ball; she found a gown with shoes, a purse, and jewelry to match. Laci said, “I fell in love with four gowns, it was so hard to choose. I can’t believe how many beautiful gowns there is to choose from and having seamstresses right here at the event is awesome.”

Not only is this a great event for the guest, but it’s a very rewarding event for the volunteers too. This event had over 125 volunteers donating their time or talents to make this event a special one for our spouses. One volunteer said, “It is such a delight to see the women’s faces light up when they find that special gown.”

978 gowns were given away this year, which was an approximate total value of $168,000 worth of gowns and accessories.

Bells of Freedom assists in this annual effort beginning in July each year by collecting gently used gowns, cocktail dresses, dress shoes, bags, wraps and accessories and welcomes community volunteers to aide in the sorting of donations, set up/breakdown as well as acting as personal stylists and babysitters each year.

Learn More about Bells of Freedom’s Ball Gown Giveaway and find out how you can participate in this heart warming event by writing to Tanya McKay.

Pictures from the 2013 Annual Ball Gown Giveaway