COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

This year we are unable to deliver any outside gifts which include new or used toys, clothing, food, trees, ballgowns, etc. to any currently enlisted and/or their families or at any U.S. military base due to protocols set due to COVID. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual, in-person “The Big Thank You” event at Camp Pendleton will not be occurring this year but we know that many of our enlisted and their families are being challenged by financial, emotional, and health issues at this time (especially as it looks as though California is heading into another ‘shut down’ due to COVID). Many people do not know that many of our enlisted men and women based here in California only can make ends meet by having a second job and with this year’s previous closures, furloughs, etc and looking as though we might be entering another one of these periods; our military and their families are suffering without the additional income that a second job brings.

Yes, it is sad that this is the case for our military, but it is the truth. So, since we are unable to hold our ‘personal event’ this year, our plan is to take donations from concerned citizens, organizations, and companies and distribute those donations directly to the families nominated for our program. The donations will be delivered to the ‘adopted’ family by way of a pre-paid debit card. In return, we ask the enlisted family to take a photo with their ‘debit card’ to be sent to the sponsoring family or organization with basic family information about the ‘adopted’ military family. This is not how our program would like to work but how it can work during this challenging time.

We are asking those who would like to ‘sponsor’ a family this year to consider a donation in the amount of $350.00 (no matter the family size). If a donor would like to send funds to send a family on a shopping spree, Disneyland (once open), or any other ‘extra’ gift as we normally do in our ‘in person’ event, they will just need to note that on their donation and we will make that happen.

Donations may be made through our website by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the top and mark your donation for “Adopt a Family (the Big Event – “The Big Thank You 2020”).

Donors/sponsors may mail their check donation to:

Dance Hearts/Bells of Freedom
16769 Bernardo Ctr. Drive
Ste 1-140
San Diego, CA 92128

Or we are happy to take credit card donations over the phone by calling 858-792-1003.

Thank you all and stay safe.